Hi! I’m Nancy, Nancy J. Pants-the J is for respect.  Which really means I don’t take myself too seriously and like to have a little fun. Thank you for your interest.

I grew up in California, worked in the tv/movie, fashion, and tech industries. I made a big move fairly recently to Seattle with my young son and husband who works in the aerospace industry. We are living the dream in the land of some of my surrealistic roots: David Lynch’s Twin Peaks (one of my first jobs out of college) and Bigfoot. Coincidentally, my husband really could have been the guy in the Bigfoot suit in that grainy film footage. Yes, he is a big man, but his gait and the way he holds his head, it’s uncanny. I sometimes miss my LA sunshine, but I never grow tired of the view of Mt. Rainier and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

My recent work has been mostly family support, and I am starting to get back into the work force.  I am coming back with fresh eyes and a new appreciation for all thing’s family and community oriented.  There are new challenges now, but life is full of a different kind of laughter and light with the addition of my son. And I am excited to see how that influences my creative work and working relationships.

So, if you like what you see, want to learn more, think we can collaborate on something – I’m open! Let me know at: